U16 Osgiliath Essence barter armour preview

NOTE: the following screenshots are taken from the beta server, therefore subject to change before update hits the live servers here are the looks of the Osgiliath essence armour, barter with the faction Rangers of Ithilien.  As you can see, it differs from Dol Amroth armour as it doesn’t have a base stat, so it is totally customisable. The light, medium and heavy sets are called “Of Faramir’s Faithful”.  Morgul’s crest can be obtained running the new instances coming with U16 (as of beta right now, only by beating the challenge mode on T2)armour2 armour1 I showed the dyeable parts in crimson light set osgiliathpreviewlight medium set osgiliathpreview2medium heavy set osgiliathpreview3lotroclient 2015-04-18 11-56-37-24

9 thoughts on “U16 Osgiliath Essence barter armour preview

  1. Those are some nice looking outfits actually. And the new direction for the essence armor is interesting although I imagine that in the end most classes might opt to fill in the extra slot with something close to what is given in the DA base sets.

    • uyp. For a class like Beorining that still has agility for its DA set, these new ones might even be an improvement. Style wise… I love the patterns!

  2. Ooh! I love those new skins, although the heavy set looks somewhat bland to me. I might have to play some LOTRO again soon…it appears the game is moving forward and bringing in some new art! 🙂

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