Among rosebushes

20-4011-9509-12My human lady is too low level to be in Imloth Melui… so my elf maiden got to model in this beautiful, beautiful town instead. Lossarnach and Imloth Melui are in my opinion the most beautiful area of all the Gondor landscape, even western. Rosebushes everywhere, a general sense of calm even with haradrim camps nearby, rivers and trees! And flowers! And more roses! It was the first thing I did yesterday, logging in and taking a speed run to spend a good hour sightseeing. It may even replace Lorien as my favorite area of the game… maybe. And I got inspiration for this outfit. It is very simple, the Simbelmyne cloak and dress from past spring festival, not dyed, but with the addition of a newer piece like the Nadhin mantle, it gains a fresh look. It is amazing how a single piece can make the difference in outdated cosmetics. Also, rose dye 😀28-0435-72 shoulders: Light Nadhin shoulders, rose dye, mob drop, AH or Dol Amroth quartermaster

chest: Simbelmyne dress, reward from spring festival

back: Simbelmyne cloak, reward from spring festival

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