44-0439-49 Girls like shinies! Yeah, ’tis a bit of a personal vanity post this XD A few years ago, when the cap was 75 and people were running Draigoch and Tower of Orthanc raid, the components for the Draigoch cloak (Draigoch scales) were a /roll between 12 people per 3 scales in a run. And there were raid locks so no farming that for hours on end. Needless to say my luck on rolling for the scales was never great… now the scales, while still require people to go through the raid, are obsolete and can be purchased on the AH for reasonable prices. It is beautiful isn’t it? There are 4 different designs, for will, agility, might and vitality primary stats. This one is might and in my opinion the prettiest. You could buy the cosmetic version at Lalia… but if I ever get my hands on a clasp, I can upgrade my stat cloak into a Shimmering one!36-45I left the screens a bit dark so you can see the luminescent effect of the dragon. All four cloaks have the same interesting glow. Matching the many shades of this cloak is tricky, I just opted for some colour that was muted, and little blue accents to have something bring them together12-8159-06

shoulders: Mathom’s hunter mantle, crimson dye, hobbit presents light class

chest: Long-sleeved Elven Dress, crimson dye, Rivendell reputation barter

back: Wyrmscale Blademaster’s cloak, crimson dye, crafted tailor tier 7 (recipe barter at ally status with Theodred’s riders)


3 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. One of the items I still have in my vault is the Shimmering Draigoch Cloak. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to procure a clasp and my kin-mates thought I was crazy to upgrade the cloak instead of the jewelry. But I knew that the cloak would last far longer than the jewelry piece and those same kin-mates admitted later that I was right. But the stats was not the reason I got it. The reason was that it was the only item in the game that showed that you had succeeded in TWO of the hardest raids at that time. And with the way the game is now, there may never come a time for such a feat again.

    • aah lucky! stats are temporary but cosmetics are forever. and to these days, if not for stats you can show it off for looks, and say you have been there and done that 😀

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