U16.2 Cosmetic weapons and Audacity essence gear, Bullroarer preview

(remember that everything on Bullroarer test server is subject to change before hitting live servers)

That’s right! After years of having being told that lotro couldn’t have cosmetic weapons, here they are now! I swiftly jumped to Bullroarer to see how they are implemented. I did a test with loremaster and guardian. Here is my loremaster, in default starter armour. The first tab is the equipment tab, the second her first outfit1 2As you can see, we now have slots for main weapon, shield and bow. As of now there is no offhand, but the shield slot counts as offhand (thanks Starry Mantle for pointing that out :D). You can put weapons and shields in the wardrobe just like any clothing. However, the level gating is not lifted.15 Let’s equip her with regular gear as a start.1112Now she has a legendary staff and a lvl 95 sword. But what if I want a sword for cosmetic? I want to show off this teal one. Here is teal “cosmetic” near my regular weapons13 What happens if I put the teal sword in the main weapon cosmetic slot?14 This. As you can see in the tooltip, the cosmetic weapon does not match my equipped weapon, and by default it still shows the staff16This is due likely to a conflict of weapon animations. What if I try with a cosmetic staff? I want this one17I put it in the slot and…18Yay! It matches this time! Let’s try slotting the purple sword from my wardrobe in the shield slot:1617It works! Now let’s try another class. A guardian.19This is my lady guardian with default starter gear. I want to change all the weapons and shield.23Let’s start with the one handed axe. Can I equip the two handed purple one as cosmetic?20Nope! It has to be one handed to match. What about the shield and a bow? I want:2224I equip them in the cosmetic slot and…21It works! Heavy-heavy on this guardian. If I have a bow and I want a cosmetic crossbow or viceversa, it will not work as they won’t match. The concept is very simple, and of course is beta, so subject to change.

Not only cosmetic weapons got introduced, but also new Audacity essence gear for pvp. Here is how it looks and how much it costs, per heavy, light and medium. Green dye to show dyeable parts: Light set 4 35Medium set lotroclient 2015-06-26 21-20-50-81-4910Heavy set 876

11 thoughts on “U16.2 Cosmetic weapons and Audacity essence gear, Bullroarer preview

  1. Thanks for the preview Gloredh! According to a post I saw on the Bullroarer forum, apparently the “shield” slot also accepts weapons for dual-wielders. 😀

    A few nice pieces in the cosmetics. The light set is pretty dire, but the medium helm and gloves and heavy shoulders and gloves are pretty nice!

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  3. Great to see cosmetic weapons are making their debut! Looking forward to fiddling with them. Not so keen on the new bland-looking PvP gear though, but they do have some nice individual pieces.

    Also, did you know Bullroarer has some changes to old skins? The bartered T2 Orthanc gear has had the white areas changed to bronze and the old pre-order Westfold set has been changed from white to something tan-like. I’m afraid of what else has been changed and hoping that these are bugs on the test server that don’t make it to live.

      • You’re welcome. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t start matching weapons to my slotted outfits. I wondered why my Orthanc gear looked off color, thinking it was now dyeable when in actuality it wasn’t. I ran through the outfits of the three characters I copied to BR and that’s what I’ve noticed so far.

  4. Cosmetic weapons, now that’s interesting:) Would be even more useful if they would let you hold your weapons in your hands out of combat as well. I’d like to take screenshots showing weapons without having to be in an area where there are mobs. A simple sheath/unsheath weapons command would work, like there was in WoW. But anyway, it’s a welcome thing, I’d like to match shields to some of my outfits.

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