Warden of the Avorrim

02-4921-29the Caves of the Avorrim is a series of caves near Dol Amroth, accessed via a rift midway between Edhellond and Dol Amroth. These caves take the name and make the home of a group of Elves, the Avorrim, tasked by Círdan of Mithlond to keep watch over the ancient havens of Edhellond, on the coast of Belfalas in Western Gondor. So far away from home, this group of elves defend the relics and the memory of the ancient harbour, in secrecy and silence. Their caves are well guarded as well, against corsairs pillagers and other malicious enemies. Shield lines are set up along the passageway, and among them patrols the wardens of the Avorrim, clad in armour which reflects the swirls of the sea waves and the wings of seagulls as seen from the old settlement.35-3242-95What I looked forward the most at the release of Gondor, landscape wise, were Belegaer and Edhellond. After not seeing elves since the Great River, I was really glad to see the return within the epic story and in a quest chain of their own. I really like the concept of the Avorrim, and this is actually rework of a previous outfit, that I decided to revisit since we have cosmetic weapons and shields. The shield is one of the very early that players can get at the skirm camp, very cheap and very nice looking, the javelin is a random drop from lootboxes, and the curved sword a reward for the lvl 30 champion class quest. Speaking of updates, I want to give a shout out to Lotro Adventurer who is currently in the process of updating her outfits and screenshots, and they look great! Do check her blog out!39-6944-8810-72
head: Far-arrow hood, level 85 medium set, classic skirmish barter

shoulders: Heavy Nadhin shoulders, mob drop, AH or Dol Amroth quartermaster

chest: Far-arrow jacket, level 85 medium set, classic skirmish barter

hands: Far-arrow gloves, level 85 medium set, classic skirmish barter

legs: Far-arrow leggings, level 85 medium set, classic skirmish barter

feet: Far-arrow leggings, steel blue dye, level 85 medium set, classic skirmish barter

back: loak of the Rescuer, steel blue dye, Great River quest reward

javelin: Exceptional javelin of Seeking, drop from lvl 40 lootbox

sword: Maethmagol, reward for lvl 30 champion class quest

shield: Recruit’s Warden Shield of Naillan, skirmish camp

3 thoughts on “Warden of the Avorrim

  1. Perfect shield for the outfit! Speaking of the Avorrim, I have the suspicion that that veiled elf in the caves is Nimrodel going by another name. Wonder if we’ll ever find out for sure?

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