Many worlds…

The road goes ever on…
03-19Today it has been announced that the transfer process will begin. For now players can transfer between the worlds who made the cut for the closures, and after a few weeks, transfers will be free for all. I am lucky, as my server will survive, my thoughts however go to all the players who will be impacted by this happening. It is not easy and I wish all the best of luck. To commemorate the soon to be gone servers, Turbine sent today a gift box, which contains a list of titles “Of ‘server’  ” for every character on a players account, plus a commemorative housing banner, and a cloak both hooded and hoodless. The cloak in my opinion is among the best in lotro. It has a subtle delicate pattern, and the main feature that makes it different from other cloaks, is that it shimmers. Yup! I wanted to pair it with other easy to get cosmetics, no store, nor raid drop gear. The screens are dark on purpose to show the shimmering. 16-93 22-83 48-72
May the light of Earendil guide you towards a new land…
head: Winged circlet, barter from skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

chest: Elegant dress, barter from skirmish camp cosmetic vendor

back: Cloak of Many Worlds, gift box for the server closures event


3 thoughts on “Many worlds…

  1. I love that it shimmers. Fantastic screenshots and thanks for the kind words, sad that home is closing but as you say, the roads go ever on and on =).

  2. Oh, I hadn’t noticed the shimmer, I did try it on but only hastily, it looks very pretty 🙂 It will be interesting to see how the server merges turn out, my server is one of the closing ones. Hopefully it will all work out and there will be more people to fellow up with.

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