Farmer’s Faire 2015 cosmetic and steed preview

The Faire has started! I did not expect it to start so early since the summer fest ended not too long ago, but I am not complaining of course! The theme this year is “Yield”. The tunic is very rustic, although more than for a farmer, I can see it for an Easterling outfit hehe. The novelty this year is that there is no cloak, but a cornucopia full of produce. It is an unexpected change, I do like it though. Red dye to show dyeable areas

Surcoat of the Yield, Pack of the Yield – 60 tokens each
faire faire1

faire2faire4Steed of Yield – 120 tokens (caparison costs same)
faire3 faire6faire5sea blue dye (lotro store)

5 thoughts on “Farmer’s Faire 2015 cosmetic and steed preview

  1. I love your previews Gloredh, since I’m always stuck at work when events begin, so thank you!! πŸ™‚ I love the pack, it’s kooky but it’s so nice to see something completely new and different. Keep going in this direction Turbine! The robe and the caprison are nice as well, I’m already plotting possible uses….

  2. That Horn will be perfect for my Hobbit. And that robe will make for a great leisure outfit for my hunter. Greetings from Laurelin!

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