C-c-c- combo!

55-6917-7523-02When you find the perfect cloak-shield combination. I got this very nice warden shield from the Sunken Labyrinth instance, and was very surprised to see how well it worked with a very old crafted cloak, both having the White Tree on it. I made the outfit around them, and it became my warden’s gondor costume when roaming the region. Because of the darkness of eastern and central Gondor, I had to turn the brightness on a lot in photoshop, else the screens were barely visible… I hope they are alright now.07-6929-2730-20

cloak: Fine radiant cloak, umber dye, crafted light armour tier 5

chest: Forlong’s ill-fitting armour, grey dye, East Gondor quest reward

hands: Reclaimed gauntlets f the warrior, grey dye, Ruined City loot

feet: Boots of the Fist way, rust dye, barter at warden trainer in Ox clan camp (Orthanc)

shield: Reclaimed Bridge-Warden shield, Sunken Labyrinth loot


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