The wonders of increased draw distance

I know it has been a while since one of the devs increased the draw distance to display objects in the far away landscape, but I realised now how much of an improvement it is. The screen below was taken in Echad Eregion. The object in the red circle is the Hollin Ridge, an area away from where I was, in High Hollin. On the map you can see the distance between the two locations. Quite suggestive 🙂



The Hollin Ridge is on the peak of a mountain, and it has a hidden deed if you manage to reach it. This link is a useful video guide where a player shows how to do it

Deed Lore
You have traversed the treacherous lengths of the Hollin Ridge and earned the title Ridge-racer in recognition of your agility.

Rewards: 5 Turbine Points; , Ridge-racer (Title)

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