07-16I found a Repaired Cloak Clasp in the auction two days ago, snatched it and run like the wind at the OX Clan Camp, to have that and my Wyrmscale Blademaster Cloak turned into the Shimmering Blademaster cloak. It is undyeable, but it is shiny! It shimmers! It changes colour! My wallet suffered buying the clasp! XD
It is one thing off my wish list. Screenshots can’t really do justice to this cloak, it repeatedly changes hue, and that can’t really be rendered by a static image. I took a screen when the cloak changed hue, hopefully it can give the idea of how this looks like in “real time”.
11-5725-3011-0905-19Evendim is so pretty18-23
shoulders: Light Nadhin Shoulders, sea blue dye, mob drop, auction or Dol Amroth quartermaster

chest: Long-sleeved elven dress, barter in Rivendell (kindred reputation with the elves)

back: Shimmering Blademaster Cloak, barter at Ox Clan Camp for a Draigoch cloak plus a Clasp (drop from Saruman, Tower of Orthanc raid)

2 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. So jealous! I wish I knew people still interested in running Orthanc…those Shimmering Cloaks have been on my wanted list for a few years. I think you found the perfect pairing for any of those cloaks. I’ve often noticed how much they clash with gear outside the ToO tier 2 sets.

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