Autumnal archer

lotroclient 2015-11-02 19-13-22-84 lotroclient 2015-11-03 19-58-14-34Autumn is in full swing, and I wanted to celebrate with an outfit in greens, reds and golds, and also many leaves! I have been a bit quiet but the reason is, I have been enjoying running through the new landscape and questing in Minas Tirith, on to a level, up another, down two and up again three (I am looking at you Forlong *shakefist*). The city is astounding, on each level there are unique interior locations with their own architecture, taverns, lore and healing house, guest houses, stores… all is nice, and the new cosmetics are too. They are reskins of course, but with an inventive pattern. The ones you see here come from the new epic quests. I didn’t find an exact match for the greenish parts, so I went for something that hopefully is not eye sore XD I like it, and every time I get to use the Dar Narbugud armour is a good time! And Trollshaws make the best autumnal landscape!lotroclient 2015-11-02 19-26-29-62lotroclient 2015-11-03 20-00-39-01lotroclient 2015-11-03 20-01-23-75lotroclient 2015-11-03 20-04-33-56
chest: Armour of the Anorien fields, epic quest reward

hands: Gloves of the Lady’s grace, Dar Narbugud minstrel raid set

legs: Leggings of the Anorien fields, epic quest reward

feet: Boots of the Anorien fields, epic quest reward

back: Battlefield reclaiimed cloak, olive ye, drop from Erebor instances

bow: Ladbeng, Trollshaws quest reward


4 thoughts on “Autumnal archer

  1. Nice shots! Feel free to post more of those ! Did you ever think of entering them into a contest?

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