Healer of Minas Tirith

12-6451-81The Houses of Healing is what was called the infirmary in Minas Tirith. The Houses were surrounded by lawns and trees, near to the Citadel-gate and the southward wall in the sixth circle of Minas Tirith.25-3537-11After being saved from the pyre of Denethor, Gandalf and Beregond carried the Steward’s son in a bier to the Houses of Healing, with Pippin following. Soon Gandalf and Pippin departed but Beregond, after reporting to the chief of the Guard, went to the houses to serve and guard his captain. Later, Faramir was joined by Éowyn, Merry, and others suffering from the Black Shadow. Ioreth, one of the few women permitted to stay in the city thanks to her healing skills, in a wishful thinking said it would have been nice to still have a king, since “The hand of the king are the hands of a healer.” Gandalf heard her and brought Aragorn into the Houses to tend the wounded21-2943-6217-19This is my take at a healer of Minas Tirith. The representation of the Houses of Healing by turbine is very immersive, as it is the whole of the city. Thanks to the handy mithril coins (!) I teleported this lowbie alt in the end game city, dressed her in the new cloak from the epic line, and had my take at a possible lady healer in the service of old Ioreth. The cloak is very simple, yet it needs nothing added to it. It is not dyeable sadly, but for a little variety you can buy the black version in the store. Paired with the Nadhin shoulders and the ever useful dunland robe, I think it is a credible outfit for a gondorian healer

shoulders: Medium Nadhin Shoulders, mob drop, auction or trade at Dol Amroth quartermaster

chest: Robe of the Learned Stag, dunland quest reward

feet: Lesser Memory of the West Shoes, black dye, barter in Harndirion

back: Cloak of the Citadel Guard (same look, different stats depending on class), volume 4 epic quest reward

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