Deadly leaf

07-8505-4839-18 Once it was Greenwood the Great, now, after the Necromancer installed himself in Amon Lanc, and corrupted the flora and fauna, it is Mirkwood. The home of the Silvan Elves who left the verdant hill to barricade themselves in caves in the northern part of the forest. Few of them now ever wander so far south to be in the vicinity of Dol Guldur, and this elven maiden is one of said few. She patrols the roads in the proximity of the hill, relying on her steed and hunting skills to find any stray orc and take her small revenge from it.40-9226-8424-31Both her and her steed are clad in a medium armoured suit in black and pale green, with a motif that reminds of the leaves of Greenwood before the corruption. She favours agility more than a heavy armour, she can be as deadly with spear and javelin as with sword and shield for most warriors.23-1158-8838-48I really wanted a match for the beautiful steed of Rivendell, in its original colours. The subtle green of the caparison is hard to replicate with dyes, and very few items in game have it by default. The lorien raid set and some Great River quest rewards have such subtle green in their undyeable parts, and black dye tied them together. I am pretty happy of how this outfit turned out, I think it can speak for a silvan elf theme.

head: Ceremonial helm of the Lady’s Secrecy, black dye, Lalia market

shoulders: Pauldrons of the Heavy Heart, black dye, Great River quest reward

chest: Robe of the Hopeful Melody, black dye, skirmish camp classic vendor

hands: Gauntlets of the Lady’s Defence, Dar Narbugud guardian raid set

legs: Troll-kicker’s leggings, black dye, Great River quest reward

feet: Boots of the Lady’s Defence, Dar Narbugud guardian raid set

back: Cloak of the Unwelcome Guest, black dye, Great River quest reward

spear and javelin: Smooth black ash, woodworker tier 5

steed: Steed of Rivendell, lotro store


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