U18 Bullroarer preview: New dye colours and armour sets

(A reminder that everything on Bullroarer is subject to change before hitting the live servers)

U18 is now on Bullroarer for open beta testing! There are a lot of things to test and file bug reports,ย and a couple things that I have been waiting to preview, namely the promised new dye colours and there are two new armour sets.

Let’s start with dyes. In the patch notes on the Official Forum it is stated that:

  • “New dyes have been added to the seasonal festivals! Look for four new exclusive dyes available in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter festivals this year. In each festival, two of the new dyes will be available for festival currency, and two will be available for Mithril Coins. The dyes available for Mithril Coins this year will be available for festival currency next year, and vice versa.”

Not just a couple dyes, but 14! These are how they appear in the dress room (the first one is a bit off, but it says dark purple) and I will show them in this order. I chose the Elegant Dress, as it has a true white base, and it takes the dye in two different nuances


new dyes

new dyes2

Belegaer Blue is my new favorite dye. Because it is so similar to the powder blue in items like the Dar Narbugud sets and other current cloaks and hauberks in game. I am a happy elf ๐Ÿ˜€

new dyes3

new dyes4


As for armour sets, there are two, but one of the two raid sets available is just Rift armour with a level of 105, so nothing new cosmetically. The other sets here are labelled as Pelennor Armour. Light, medium and heavy, red to show dyeable areas.





8 thoughts on “U18 Bullroarer preview: New dye colours and armour sets

  1. Beautiful colors, though I am absolutely livid that you barter for vials instead of recipes. I don’t play as often as I’d like, but I may find myself passing on these dyes for that reason. I dearly hope Turbine makes these recipes instead. And I really love Shire Plum, Imladris Fallen Leaf, Sunset Orange, and Belegaer Blue too…

    • I thought of vials as well, but it is not specified yet, and the first beta round has no festival active to see. I surely hope that they consider making these barterable recipes!

  2. Gorgeous colours and I agree with Hymne that these may help me with inspiration, which has been lacking lately. But I also agree with Nathrien, I’m not loving that these are bartered. If no recipes are introduced it will be too much work to get enough of these to be able to make outfits with them.

    As always thank you very much for the preview Gloredh! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Lovely colors! Thanks so much for the preview, this dress is an excellent one to test dye colours. Excited for the next update!

  4. Oh, that is interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure I need all those new shades of green, but the sunset orange and shire plum are very nice, and the pale blue as well, and the lavender. Lets hope it will be recipes and not bottles of dye ๐Ÿ™‚

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