43-3711-10 11-98When going marshing, an adventurer needs three important things: good eyesight, orientation, and a walking stick!
I have been exploring the landscape and doing the new quests that came with U18, and I very much love the Beacon Hills, and the mouth of the Entwash. Both are very immersive and kind of remind me of Great River, especially the Entwash. I would like to say that I enjoyed Taur Druadan as much… but I kept getting lost, avoiding roots everywhere and running up and down trying to remember which path took me up Dru Butha to meet Ghan-Buri-Ghan… ugh! This was an old outfit that I deleted at some point, but decided to re-make it as I found it somehow looks good with the location. And a big perk of being a loremaster is that I can pretend to have a real walking stick with me, not a shiny legendary staff. I would very much like a walking stick animation, even just a short emote, but in absence of that, cosmetic stick is all we can use *sighs*04-96 25-78 44-56

shoulders: Mathom Hunter’s mantle, burgundy dye, hobbit presents for light classes

chest: Elven Skirmisher’s Armour, burgundy dye, Rivendell medium armour vendor

hands: Runemaker’s gloves, classic skirmish barter

legs: Ceremonial trousers of the Learned, burgundy dye, cosmetic skirmish barter

feet: High warden’s boots, burgundy dye, barter in Ost Galadh warden trainer (share appearance with DN raid set)

staff: Ash staff, crafted tier 2


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