Anniversary 2016 rewards preview

the 9th Anniversary event to celebrate Lotro’s birthday has started! While we will receive our boxes with the portrait frame and goodies probably tomorrow, it is already possible to go and enjoy the festivities in game. We have some new rewards, and one novelty in the department of steeds

Windfells goat, 40 tokens

To be fair, I don’t like it, and I hope the future festival mounts will still be horses and not goats. Horses are much nicer overall and they are proper mounts, not goats. That’s of course justΒ my personal opinion.

New cloak, red to show dyeable areas

Fire flower cloak, 10 tokensannicloak

And house decorations

4 thoughts on “Anniversary 2016 rewards preview

    • I find goats to be the boring ones πŸ™‚ different people different tastes! I didn’t know it has only 200 morale as I did not barter for it, but it is strange

  1. Pfft, goats for the win πŸ˜‰ Lovely black goat with enormous horns, as an elf you are completely engulfed when you gallop around Bree. Also very nice for newbie characters who are approaching Moria but still only friendly with Thorins Hall! Thanks for the preview by the way.

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