I want that npc outfit! Or something similar

On the lotro forums, there is an interesting thread called I want that npc outfit!. Some npcs in Lotro have very nice and detailed outfits and some npcs themselves look even better than our characters, as they are unique. My favorite of all the Lotro npcs, both in terms of storyline and looks, is Glathlirel, the loremaster of the Riftglat
glat1Only she can manage to fight in a short shocking-pink combat skirt and sandals, and still look so badass. Or rather, now that we will have new dyes, shire-plum combat skirt.
glat2Proudly protecting the npc’s back. Npc still looks more badass than my elf lady… and she fights with a cane. Not a staff, a cane. I personally think it is pretty cool, she doesn’t need no ordinary staff!
After defeating the Balrog in the Rift, if the players go to Rivendell with the quest The Fall of Thaurlach they can witness to some more dialogue concerning Glathlirel’s story. I tried to replicate her outfit with the stuff we have available… but I couldn’t make anything that came even remotely close to her looks. *sigh*

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