Spring festival 2016 rewards preview

Spring fest started! Once again Turbine delivers us some novelties, starting with the horse, a beautiful elven style mount!

Steed of Ethuil, 40 tokenssteed

Next the clothes.
Sightseer’s jacket and Sightseer’s pants, 18 tokens each
Sightseer’s hat, 15 tokens; red to show dyeable areas.
Note anything familiar? They are just like Bingo Boffin traveling clothes 😀clothes

Last but not least, the much talked dyes. I have to say, I did not expect the price to be so steep. I like the free colours and will be grinding for those, but the mithril coin ones, I shall wait for next festival


8 thoughts on “Spring festival 2016 rewards preview

  1. I had not checked out the horse yet, thanks for posting an image 🙂 I might even get it, it looks quite nice. And I agree on the dyes, I was expecting them to cost a little less, but I will grind them anyway, at least the shire plum one 🙂 Another question is, will I ever use them, knowing I can’t get more for a while…:)

  2. 10 Mithril coins is such a huge amount for me! But my favorite dye among the new ones is definitely Shire-Plum 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this! Great reminder for me to check out the spring festival. Sad to see the dyes aren’t craftable, though. I won’t have much time for other rewards, since having my stock of dyes complete is an absolute priority.

    • I just wish the cost per dye stack were a little bit lower. I got the horse as first thing, and then will be stomping shrews to get a good stack of them dyes 🙂

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