Green and gold

58-6148-30Spring just ended, and the first warm rays of summer peek from the sky. So did the spring festival in Lotro, it is just over and summer says hello. The new dyes are prized possessions which I will use very sparingly, since I have not been able to farm a huge stack and they cost too much in the AH. For this outfit however I think Bullroarer green looks very nice, it is lighter and brighter than dark green dye (which to me always looked rather light and not dark at all) and since I got the leggings here just yesterday, I couldn’t wait to use them too XD here this elven maiden is playing a tune to welcome the warm season, while the golden sky meets the lush green trees37-4401-7336-95

shoulders: Supple Wildermore Shoulders, bullroarer green dye, crafted T8 light armour

chest: Bear hide, bullroarer green dye, random world drop

legs: Leggings of the Lady’s Grace, bullroarer green dye, minstrel Dar Narbugud raid set, barter in Caras Galadhon

feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s shoes, bullroarer green dye, Great River quest reward


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