Cloak and dagger and gloves

31-5133-5857-42 When it comes to making an outfit, 90% of the time I tend to use one colour to dye all the clothing, while very rarely I make something contrasting, unless the clothing I chose has contrasting colours per se. So today’s outfit is something of a change, although not the strongest contrast you can get. I love how crimson dye gives the gloves and cloak a very rich tone, while the crafted chest and leggings take the dye (rust here) so very light. It is rather fancy for a traveling outfit, but hey, who said hunters have to be dressed only in brown rags? XD and to be even more fancy I paired it with the most beautiful bow there is in game (imo) and it is a rather common drop from lvl 50ish mobs. The daggers here come from Great river, Heroes of the Limlight Gorge barterer. Personally I have often overlooked the items offered by the Great River faction, but the designs are unique and ornate, so I’d like to feature more of those in the future. Lastly, as you can see I took the screens in Eregion before the graphic revamp, so no nice tall grass swaying in the wind… oh well 😛

chest: Elven campaigner chest, rust dye, crafted tailor tier 5

hands: Combat gloves of the Deep, crimson dye, crafted tailor guild tier 9

legs: Elven campaigner leggings, rust dye, crafted tailor tier 5

feet: Gardener’s boots, rust dye, Farmer’s Faire reward

back: Cloak of the Autumn wood, crimson dye, lotro store

bow: Third age Legendary bow level54, same look on a Second Age lvl 54 bow

daggers: Blade of Swift Stings, Heroes of the Limlight Gorge barterer, Ally standing

3 thoughts on “Cloak and dagger and gloves

  1. Heh, I need to start inspecting random LI drops, never seen that bow before 🙂 Lovely outfit, I totally agree that hunters can travel elegantly dressed 🙂

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