Summer Sea

17-5901-7632-64 I love the new rewards for this summer fest. The cloak dyes in a gradient, it is a very pleasant effect, though perhaps it would have been better if the bottom took the dye. The caparison doesn’t have a flat look for once, perhaps a little too bulky (it clips through the horse on the front) but I like the shape. Like the cloak, the upper layer takes the dye, and the little gemstones at the bottom take the dye too. For this outfit, I paired them with a quest reward from West Gondor, a light tunic with the symbol of a Dol Amroth ship (but I pretend it to be an elven ship hehe :P) which has the same blue as the cloak and caparison. But the real surprise are the kites. They have been a welcome novelty and I know many players like them, so hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future!22-25156-32

head: Hood of Night, classic skirmish vendor

chest: Jacket of the great shore, white dye, West Gondor quest reward

hands: Padded gloves of Kingstead, sea blue dye, West Rohan quest reward

feet: Lesser mark of the West Shoes, sea blue dye, barter in Harndirion

back: cloak of the Summer Sea, white dye

handheld: Soaring bird kite, summer festival, barter forย 30 mithril coins

hide, tail and mane: white, lotro store (Steed colour pack 1)

caparison: caparison of the Summer Sea, white dye, lotro store (Equipment dye pack 3)

4 thoughts on “Summer Sea

  1. (I’m french and my english is bad, sorry :D)

    I like it ! This cloak is beautiful and I was searching for a outfit with it, but your idea is wonderful !

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