Waning summer

41-4138-89The summer season is waning. Days are shortening and the air is cooler, but there is still some time before the warmth of the sun leaves the place to the clouds. So this elf maiden is enjoying the sight of the setting sundays, and dances to them until they will disappear behind the mountains of Imladris58-51Summer festival in lotro is over, and among its novelties, like the kites and emotes, there were new dyes. The one here is Shire peach, a lovely creamy colour which really was missing from the dye palette. We either had gold, which is dark and solid, and yellow… a colour I would say tricky to use, as it is way too bright (like marker pens) or becomes greenish on most clothes. Shire peach is more versatile and easy to mix and match with different kind of clothing, the only downside… is that it required mithril coins to barter for it. However, the new dyes are supposed to rotate between coins and mithril in future festivals, so there might be a chance to get full stacks of it55-9913-54

shoulders: Lesser Arrow of the West shoulders, barter in Harndirion

chest: Gossamer dress, shire peach dye (summer festival barter), cosmetics skirmish camp vendor


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