Rider of the Free People

48562252Rider of the Free People is a new (newish) title introduced with the Collections feature. To get this title you need to have reputation with all factions in Eriador, as you have to collect both the Elf Ambassador steed (kindred with all elven factions) and the Eriador steed (kindred with all Eriador factions). I like the colour scheme of the Eriador horse, and recently got that on the character here, so I thought of a matching outfit. The medium chest piece from Osgiliath instances has nice earthy colours and dyed white it complements well the horse. And the shield goes with the cloak with the feathers imo, that was a lucky drop from Dargnakh Unleashed!09180753

chest: chest of the Osgiliath Shield, white dye, drop in Ruined city T2

gloves: Hale-glofas, white dye, East Rohan quest reward

feet: Lesser mark of the West boots, walnut brown dye, barter in Harndirion

back: cloak of the Dove, lotro store

shield: Bugeil- Tarian, drop from Dargnakh Unleashed

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