U19 beta 3 armour and cosmetics preview

(a reminder that all on Bullroarer is subject to change before hitting live servers)

U19 is in advanced state of development, and while in the previews two betas the appearance of the new armour was missing, now it is fixed and I can upload all in one go. We have a mix of new designs and resins, and while the reskins could have been drawn better to match the new armour, it is not an eyesore either. It seems like the theme for North Ithilien is the “combat skirt” hehe. I divided the armour and cosmetics in “epic quests reward” and “North Ithilien barter”. All is dyed red to show dyeable areas. Warning: very long post!

The cloaks reward for the epic quests are purple and teal, since they share looks, I showed the purple only and they are undyeable so far. The respective order is light, medium, heavy

epicreward cloakithilien cloakithilien2


next, the North Ithilien barter items. There are improved versions of the Throne of the Dread Terror raid armour, but they have the same skin as always. The novelties are in the housing and the new “flower picking” token system, and the things to barter for are A LOT. The system is based on picking specific flowers in the new region, which give “extracts” of different colours. We can exchange the extracts with armour and cosmetics. The order again is light, medium, heavy


and the cosmetics and housing decorations. I love the fox mask!

north-ithilien-rewardsithiliencosmetic ithiliencosmetics2

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