Hunter of the Ashen Wastes

26-183641Angmar is a sickly region, barren and inhabited by fell creatures. While the Southern parts still present somewhat normal landscape and vegetation, the more one travels north, the more corrupted the land becomes. The North and the east are terrible to behold, with rifts filled with spiders, wargs, orcs and undead creatures. It is also the land where is the headquarter of the Witchking: Carn Dum, and its smaller liutenant’s Towers. But in this dread-filled land, there are still a few bastions of hope to be found. This hunter aids the refuge of Gath Forthnir, a Ranger outpost situated east f Carn Dum. Her clothing befits the path she is patrolling, Grey leather to blend with the jagged hills, light enough to move with speed, and sturdy enough to resist spider bites. Her eagle-shaped mask both serves as camouflage and protection against harder blows.
10201796The mask is definitely the main piece in this outfit. The shape is unique and it is a barter item from the hunter trader in Moria, for a Platinum Coin of Spirit. The coin is a drop from the raid Vile Maw. Once upon a time the same mask could be bartered in the Ettenmoors and it dyed differently than this one, but since the change in moors gear, it is no longer obtainable. You can see it in this outfit from Cosmetic Lotro

head: Helm of the Great Bow, grey dye, barter with Platinum Coin of Spirit (drop from Vile Maw raid in Moria)

chest: Jacket of the Winding Road, grey dye, Great River quest reward

hands: Gauntlets of the Hidden Paths, grey dye, Great River quest reward

legs: Earthen Leggings, grey dye, Great River quest reward

feet: Reclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes, grey dye, Great River quest reward, light armour

back: Cloak of the Unwelcomed guest, grey dye, Great River quest reward

bow: Legendary Third Age bow lvl 54, drop from any mob at that level in Moria

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