Spring festival 2017 preview

It’s here! Ethuilwereth, the spring festival once again in Lotro (plus the new update so much to do and so much to grind!). I am very very pleased with this year cosmetics, it seems the art team was given some funds and they put them to good use. Let’s go in order:

Not one, but 3 dresses! The dresses follow the classic lotro style of years ago, long sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless. I showed one only since that is the only difference. And the cloak, it is beautifully colored, and you can’t see it from the screens, but like the Draigoch cloak, it is iridescent. The wings change from purple to bluish hues


the horse. The caparison is stunning! And it comes with separate warsteed cosmetics


then we have gift versions of the dress and cloak. The normal barter ones are account bound


new kites!

not new dyes, but they rotated. Last year Bullroarer green and Shire plum were token barter, this time Lavender and Dark purple are token barter, the other 2 mithril coin

5 thoughts on “Spring festival 2017 preview

  1. I’m very excited about these! I love luna moths and I can’t imagine anything more perfect for Middle-Earth. And dresses! Finally! Thank you so much for making this so we can see 😀

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