On the High Moor



3289If you have been following me for a while, you know of my obsession with the Dar narbugud armour set, and how estatic I am when I manage to get my hands on a new piece XD. This time, it’s the guardian leggings. I stick to light outfit for light classes, leather or traveling outfit for medium classes and armour for heavies most of the time, but these particular leggings I found work for a warden setup, and also the simple chainmail shirt. The shirt at first seemed a bit off with the other pieces, but when I added the scarf, it tied it all together. I also had the cloak here for a while, but never found a match I liked. It is a battered cloak, but the crimson and gold trim also worked with the whole ensemble. There are nasty giant bears and stealthed lynxes on the High Moor after all, it’s not that safe of a place!

Also I can’t wait for Mordor and the new character revamp. Animations  have always been clunky, and this is especially evident on a warden’s skill animations

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shoulders: Shoulders of the Mighty Verse, crimson dye, minstrel raid set from Vile Maw

chest: Elven steel jacket, Rivendell heavy armour vendor

gloves: Gloves of the Tireless Sentinel, crimson dye, Draigoch raid set barter in Galtrev

legs: Leggings of the Lady’s Defence, crimson dye, Dar Narbugud guardian set, barter in Caras Galadhon

feet: Berserker boots, crimson dye, chambion set barter in Ost Galadh

back: Recovered cloak of the Rangers, crimson dye, reward for the quest chain “Ashes and Stars”

4 thoughts on “On the High Moor

  1. And I thought that belegaer blue was a difficult color to match in the Dar Narbugud sets. That light green is a color I so rarely see in LOTRO. Great job working around it and combining it with crimson to make a stunning outfit!

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