Thlim Galdon

“There were those of the Tree, and they were a great house.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin32-45 15-56Thlim Galdon or the House of the Tree was one of the 12 noble Houses of Gondolin, under the leadership of Galdor. They wore green, and carried iron-studded clubs and slings.
During the Fall of Gondolin, they were one of the two main kindreds that first hurled themselves upon the Balrogs and Orcs upon the destruction of the main Gate of the city. They guarded the western entrance to the Arch of Inwë. Many escaped the slaughter with Tuor, and acted as scouts ahead of the women and children, for they had “eyes like cats in the dark”, later established themselves at the Mouths of Sirion. They are often referred to as the People or Folk of Galdor. 22-82This is actually an old post made in 2014. I decided to redo the outfit since in all this time lotro added armour better suited to my need. The old outfit was made of Rohan 85 pieces and malledhrim heavy armour. Now… in the book it says they fight with slings or clubs. We got no slings in lotro and clubs are terribad, so sword will do 😛 and those new animations can’t come soon enough >.<
head: Helm of the West Tower, barter in Annuminas

shoulders: Pauldrons of the Reclaimed City, umber dye, North Ithilien quest reward

chest+leggings (it is a onsie): Lacquered chest piece of the Ithilien Captain, barter with the Herbalist in Henneth Annun

hands: Gauntlets of the Lady’s Defence, guardian Dar Narbugud armour barter in Caras Galadhon

feet: Boots of the Lady’s Defence, guardian Dar Narbugud armour barter in Caras Galadhon

back: Legolas’ cloak, umber dye, reward from the Scavenger Hunt


2 thoughts on “Thlim Galdon

  1. It’s hard to choose between the two versions of the outfit, as each have their own merits. The old green/silver one felt very elvish and worthy of the House of the Tree. Despite how overused the crafted Mirkwood pieces here back then, it still felt like something you’d see fittingly worn in the vale of Tumladen. This version, wonderfully mixed with cool silvers and warm browns, feels more noble and more suited to that of a defender wielding those iron-studded clubs against the armies of Morgoth. Style-wise, I prefer this one. It has a unique feel that would distinguish it from the other Houses.

    • I do agree that the mirkwood set being elven gives the “right” feeling. It has been around so much though that I personally got bored of it and wanted something new. So I like this more hehe

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