Thlim Gothodrum

“And they won the greatest glory of all those fair houses in that struggle against doom.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin3682 1489Thlim Gothodrum or The House of the Hammer of Wrath was one of the 12 noble Houses of Gondolin, its elf Lord was Rog. Smiths and craftsmen were for the most part in this House, as well as those thralls of Morgoth who miraculously managed to escape from the dungeons of Angband. They revered Aulë most of all the Valar. In battle they carried great war hammers and heavy shields, their symbol was the stricken anvil and a hammer that smites sparks about it; it was also carved in their shields, and they wore armour in black and red. They had a great hatred for Morgoth and the Balrogs, carried on by their flaming temper and anger and during the Fall of Gondolin they were the first host of elves to slay a great number of the fell beasts, but all of them perished in that battle when together with the Balrogs a large number of fire drakes was unleashed upon them.4298I decided to remake screnshots (and in some cases the whole post) about the Houses of Gondolin, as High Elves will come to us today. I like their looks and the looks of Mordor armour, so for me re-making these posts is the better option. This comes from beta as the armour I used is not in game yet, and probably won’t until the ew raid and instance clusters are announced. It is a teal set called Medium dps T3 (nameless) but as it will be released, I’ll update the post again. I love it, and much more fitting than the old outfit, which was made up of the ToO warden armour, Cloak of the Deep from skirm camp, and the dyeable ToO pieces from Lalia’s. This is how I Envision Rog to be. While the description says they had shields as well, I did not like any of the new shields, and of the old one none really matched the whole colours. There is a cloak with hammer and anvil, but I don’t like it… take these outfits as a personal interpretatio, I make do with what we have in lotro 😛4047 1389

head: Helm of the Wall Warden, burgundy dye, classic skirmish camp trader

shoulders: Reinforced Shoulders of Tier 3 dps, burgundy dye, mordor armour (beta)

chest: Reinforced Hauberk of Tier 3 dps, burgundy dye, mordor armour (beta)

gloves: Reinforced Gloves of Tier 3 dps, burgundy dye, mordor armour (beta)

feet: Battle Leader’s boots, burgundy dye, classic skirmish barter

back: Wrap of the warden, burgundy dye, barter with Warden of Annuminas, kindred

2 thoughts on “Thlim Gothodrum

  1. Very nice! I too find this more fitting than the old version and the look of the outfit feels more unified.

    I actually did something similar with the Black Ash armor from the pre-order on Wednesday. It’s like the Mordor cosmetics are perfect for those red-black-white color combos! I look forward to collecting them all 🙂

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