Yule festival 2017 rewards preview

Ho ho hooooooo! Alright there’s no Santa in Yule, but this year’s festival is rich in novelties, surprisingly! The one most talked about at the moment, being Elk steeds, of which one can be bought fem the store. Let’s jump right into the preview. As always, for the clothing I dyed it red to show dyeable parts. I am disappointed by the Woodland crown, it can’t be dyed, plus the coloring is so dark that it’s hard to discern the branch pattern and it seems like a black shilouette to me. Maybe it’s a bug. (edit: the woodland crown appears brown and silver when actually worn, but it’s black when previewed in the dressing room. Still, dyeable would be nice) I am also not thrilled by the man tunic, modeled after the baggy shape of the Dunedain set, which imo doesn’t flatter any avatar aside the male man models.


(UPDATE: the woodland crown appears black when previewing in the dressing room. When seen normally worn, it is brown and silver. Still not dyeable)yulecrown

The big novelty, elk mount

Next we have a new house decoration and cosmetic pets instead of kites

if you click on the snowball field it gives snowballsowlhare

Lastly, the dyes are the same as last year, except the mithril coins and tokens are reversed.


3 thoughts on “Yule festival 2017 rewards preview

  1. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! You always have way more info than the official site. I am seriously hoping that the crown is a bug they will fix soon, because it really does look buggy to me too. It looks way too much like that thing they put on Johnny Depp’s head for The Lone Ranger!
    That can’t be right. I actually like the man’s clothes but what on earth is that fuzzy thing swallowing their necks? I’m guessing it’s the fur mantle? Yikes! I love the other stuff though, and I am really hoping I’ll have time to grind and get it all. –Aurelas Rainsong of Landroval, formerly of Vilya

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