The Penni Tribe

2266 2419Ages ago, when the world was Young and the light of the Stars was all that lit its Surface, the Quendi awoke. The Elves, or Quendi as they called themselves, lived together until the Vala Orome came to bring them to Valinor. Yet not all of them answered the summons. Some, not trusting the Valar decided to remain in Middle Earth. Avari they became, the Unwilling. As the ages passed, it is unknown what happened to most of them. Some say their tribes are extinct, some secluded, but what we know for certain is that some moved from the lands of their Birth to the West, and mingled with the local elves. One of these tribes were the Penni
18343029Penni were one of the only six tribes of the Avari mentioned. They merged with the Wood-elves of the Vales of Anduin. It is suggested that the Penni elves belonged to the Nelyar, and the shift of the sound “PQ kw” to “p” in their own dialect had already occurred among the Lindar clan during the Sundering of the Elves. Probably the tongue shift happened when the Penni tribe started migrating and meeting other elves. The six tribes all had their dialect, and their tribe names all mean “People”, slightly variating per tribe. Penni in fact means People, and all derive from It derives from primitive Quendian “kwendī”, the very first elven speech (thanks Tolkien Gateway)3038 0481Oh, Mordor light gear. When I saw it the first time, I did not know how to classify it. It has a leaf motif on it, yet it is too “dark” to be properly elvish, but not enough “evil” for a bad guy outfit in my personal opinion. It is something in between, so I thought, what could be in between to wear this? The design fit the description of the Penni elves as I imagine them. I think it is the first time I used ashenslades green. And I had to put that woodland crown to use! Same with shoulders. I love them, but they’re very opulent. Also I am using the new avatars. I know there’s some controversy regarding old vs. new look, but for me the new are better

head: Woodland crown, yule festival reward

shoulders: Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, ashenslades green dye, skirmish camp classic vendor

chest: Padded vest of Mordor’s bane, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs

hands: Supple gloves of Mordor’s bane, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs

feet: Superior shoes of Mordor’s bane, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs

back: Woven light cloak of the Expedition’s Vanguard, ashenslades green, elf Smith barterer in Mordor or Allegiance hubs


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