Flowery Simplicity

21030602 Flowery simplicity may sound contraddictory, when we think of something flowery, it usually means embellished. What puts the terms flowery and simplicity together in this outfit then? Well.. the number of items used XD I felt like doing something simple, and there were some new items I had not yet used. The cloak is one of those you get from the Allegiance quests, namely the elf one. It is very decorated, and I don’t really like it in any other colour than the default. The dress from the autumn festival instead dyes beautifully, so I used turquoise to match the undyeable turquoise trim of the cloak. The leafy shoulders are another item that is very.. flamboyant. I could have dyed it turquoise as well, but the look would have been too “heavy” in my opinion, so white they stayed. The dress can be swapped with the autumn hauberk and it would look pretty much the same, save boots needed568652742622

head: Turquoise circlet, summer festival reward

shoulders: Shoulders of the lady’s Power, dar narbugud champion set, barter in Caras Galadhon

chest: Autumn Leafmail dress, turquoise dye, Harvest festival reward

back: Nimble cloak of Enduring Grace, elf Allegiance quest reward


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