Spring Festival 2018 preview

Yes! Spring has sprung again and the summer festival just blossomed in Middle Earth. This year, we have more novelties than usual, jumping straight to the clothing, where we find a new shape of dress, which looks more like a longer version of the beorning tunics. This dress is ankle length, leaving freedom of choice for the footwear, and it also leaves the arms free. We also have a tunic and trousers with different length than usual, and ankle length boots that match the dress, and a cornucopia of flowers. The theme is, conveniently with U22, Lasgalen Spring


this steed to me is one of the best lotro ever had for festivals. I love all the flowers and the tail especially2179

next, fiddles. The decision of gating the new fiddles through festival has caused some controversy in the music community, and understandably so. If you are n a band that plays on multiple servers, it means that you have to go through the event with each of your toons… but as the fiddles are not bound, they can be sold or gifted by others. The price of 10 and 25 tokens is not too bad imo, a few runs of shrew stomping will suffice to get them

we have a couple nice surprises in the pet department as well. Pheasants and a cute hedgehog (I will get screens once I get them)

the dyes rotated their tokens

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