Lotro’s elevenses Anniversary, rewards preview

As all good Hobbits do, it is time for Elevenses, and elevenses indeed is this year’s celebration for Lotro’s 11th Anniversary! Happy birthday Lotro, 111 of these days! XD

the cosmetic clothes are Mirkwood themed  which I’ll list down below. The scavenger hunt is also active again, and adventures for year 11 added to the list.

Let’s start with this Eryn Lasgalen armour, and a… uhm… beautiful Gollum mask
2018 lotro anniversary mask2018 lotro anniversary2018 lotro anniversary quiverrewards

this steed is Majestic I believe this horse was teased years ago, in one of the promo pictures for Riders of Rohan. At the time nobody knew what steed that was and my memory is blurred, but I’d hazard this is the one. It also looks like Imrahil’s horse. Comes with warsteed cosmetics

we have the much coveted, promised new fiddles!rewards3

and a beaver pet


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