The Witch of Agarnaith

152351580546 If we had Merrevail as playable race in the Ettenmoors, I’d actually go there. Having nothing like them in the free people side, I improvised turning the witch theme from bat lady to magic effects, and who better than rune keeper for this? Fire rune keeper skills are flashy,destructive and fun to use for screenshots. Landscape wise, Agarnaith is my favorite zone in Mordor. It is a breath of fresh air (figuratively, you really don’t want to stop and smell the reeds in Agarnaith XD) after Talath Urui, and in general a nice change when the other four regions are nothing but rocks, rocks and more rocks. I wanted an outfit that would blend well with the swamp, as if this witch stalks the surroundings, waiting for her prey to wander close and then boom! Incinerate it with her magic rune. In all the instances where merrevail are concerned in lotro, I don’t recall them ever using runestones, but Lhaereth needs cauldrons and labs to make her plague, so that’s not innate magic. I made another morroval related outfit in the past, based on the one and only Thuringwethil, which I believe was the inspiration for our bat ladies. Lhaereth herself says in the epic story that she is the last of her kind, and her life goes back to the ancient days. I wonder if they are related somehow, more than just race-wise. Maybe we will find out as the story unfolds, who knows!255314944138

head: Hooded cloak of the Silver Birch, red dye, lotro store

chest: Jacket of the Wall-warden, red dye, classic skirmish vendor

gloves: Gloves of the Anorien Sun, red dye, epic quest reward (Vol4 Book4)

legs: Leggings of the Wall-warden, red dye, classic skirmish vendor

feet: Boots of the Wall-warden, red dye, classic skirmish vendor

satchel: Runekeeper satchel of the Second Age, red dye (First age satchels have a different skin than this)

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