Little Miss Peahen

4223 5053 3282OMG a hobbit on Wandering Around Arda! How did she make her way here? Or maybe it’s best to say “About time you made an outfit for a hobbit!” Wellllll… true XD I had this design in mind for a lady of Men, but couldn’t find the hat I wanted, the one from the weird treasure hunter in the Bingo storyline. And the other white brimmed hrs didn’t dye as I wanted. So I went for the peacock hat, but trying it on my lady, it didn’t look right… and instead of scrapping it as I find it a silly fun hat, I tried it on a hobbit. Turned out to be the cutest thing ever, I adore this hobbit peahen. As peahens have more muted colours rather than peacocks, I didn’t want to use anything too bright as dye and because the new festival hats don’t dye, I didn’t use the peacock bonnet, way too blue. I still wanted the bue though, and thankfully we have belegaer blue. Hobbit lasses definitely are the best for cute funny outfits, more than all my long legged characters 😛020739362018

head: Peacock hat, summer festival reward

shoulders: Lore-keeper’s Shoulders, belegaer blue dye, skirmish camp Classic vendor

chest: Peacock dress, belegaer blue dye, summer festival reward

back: Cloak of the Dragonfly, belegaer blue, lotro store

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