U 23 beta1 quest and early endgame gear preview

As the beta for the new update opened yesterday, we can dive deep into what we will get in the future. What interests me the most are of course the looks of the new gear, so let’s start by what is immediately available as we enter the Eyes and Guard Tavern on Bullroarer. As with all betas everything is subject to change, but I honestly hope the armour looks are not altered much (or at all) because I quite like them XD

All armour has a distinct dwarves feel to it, being this a dwarf centric update regarding both landscape and lore. My number one gripe is that the helmets are rather silly looking (in my opinion)… but that has been a feature of lotro since the dawn of the game. I do think that they can look good on a dwarf avatar, as the bulkiness of the helms is subdued by the overall bulky dwarf body. I preferred however a taller model to showcase the gear without any unwanted texture stretching. This gear will be available to us via the very first quests of the game, and the looks are the same for both green quest rewards, and later purple versions


light dwarf


medium dwarf


heavy dwarf

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