Scholar of the House of Lore

263341262937The lore-masters of Minas Tirith, led by Idhrenil, gather the ancient knowledge of ages past and lore as well as trophies from all over Middle-earth are displayed here in a museum-like fashion. (from lotro wiki)
4307This scholarly lady sure takes her work seriously, ready to give a /lecture to anyone asking about the many things displayed in the house. I love the lecture emote, it is probably one of the most articulated and long in the game with the elevenses one. I had the concept for this outfit in my head for a while, but never felt it was really complete. I had imagined it all black to better fit the gondorian aesthetic, but the cloak I used dyed black gave me a brownish hue that matched only with walnut brown. Dark enough I guess XD The effige on the cloak is the royal crown of Gondor, while the sun on the tunic represents Anorien, its brother Kingdom. There are 3 types of the tunic, one per light class but the sun design is only on the Beast-Keeper (loremaster)

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Grace, black dye, minstrel armour barter in Caras Galadhon or same look from the minstrel barter in Ost Galadh

chest: Beast-Keeper’s robe, walnut brown, barter from loremaster trainer at the Ox Clan Camp (Orthanc)

hands: Gloves of the Tireless Sentinel, walnut brown, barter in Galtrev

feet: Shoes of Solitary Thunder, walnut brown, barter from runekeeper trainer at the Ox Clan Camp (Orthanc)

back: Nimble Cloak of the Hope of Men, black dye, reward from the men of Gondor Allegiance chain


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