Dwarf-holds Quartermaster cosmetic rewards preview

as this post will be very long, I shall make it brief. Here are listed all the cosmetic rewards from the new faction, the Dwarf Holds.
grey mountains
Some of the clothes have the same pattern and only vary in name and how they take the dye, so I just listed the various patterns. There are also new house decorations, including a new wall and floors, mounts and whatnot

grey mountains 1
grey mountains 2

grey mountains 3
grey mountains 4

grey mountains 5
grey mountains 6

grey mountains 7
grey mountains 11
grey mountains 8
grey mountains 9
grey mountains 10

grey mountains 14
grey mountains 13
grey mountains 12

4 thoughts on “Dwarf-holds Quartermaster cosmetic rewards preview

  1. That looks very interesting, I need to make space in my wardrobe for some of those items 🙂 Although it will be a while before I get any, my main has just started with the previous area, Mirkwood and Dale/Erebor.

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