The Bassoonist of Erebor – Beta outfit

185915232886 Among the Dwarves, several types of instruments are known to be used in their culture and traditional songs in Middle-earth. Thorin and Company most notably played a few at the unexpected party at Bag End:fiddle, flute, clarinet, drum, viol and Thorin himself had a unique golden harp. In The Hobbit is is said that instruments (harps particularly) were magical, crafted by themselves and always staying in tune. Bilbo himself was transported by the music Thorin’s Company produced during the unexpected meeting, reinforcing the belief some on these instrument might have some magic in them indeed. Being the great innovators as they are, I can imagine them not limiting themselves to the crafting and playing of the same regular instruments. Why this one dwarf here has in fact crafted his own version of the horn. “Bassoon” he called it, made of white birch wood and enameled with gold. So proud he is of his creation that he even wore matching white clothes for his first performance. Quite different in sound too, this bassoon has nothing of the long drawn notes a horn would make, its tone is actually quite brusque. A successful first performance, but the bard indulged in too much ale to celebrate, and ended up dancing on the table…
As the title says, this is an outfit I made on the beta server Bullroarer. As this round of beta is the last, we won’t have to wait long to be able to make outfits with these new cosmetics. One big gripe I have is that the cloak are almost all hooded… I rarely wear hooded cloaks, preferring to mix and match different headgear with hoodless cloaks. The new gear and cosmetics we’ll get all have a definite dwarven style to them, as U23 is all about dwarves and their culture.0285

shoulders: Gentle Mantle of the Strongholds, white dye, U23 quest reward

chest: Gentle Waistcoat of the Strongholds, white dye, U23 quest reward

hands: Gloves of the Erebor Knife, white dye, medium armour skirmish barter (You have to complete In Defence of Erebor – Tier 1)

feet: Boots of the Erebor Knife, white dye, medium armour skirmish barter (You have to complete In Defence of Erebor – Tier 1)

back: Light cloak of Heroism, U23 quest reward

instrument: brusque bassoon

6 thoughts on “The Bassoonist of Erebor – Beta outfit

  1. Looks fantastic! I love how you’ve Incorporated the instrument to matching the outfit as well! Though, I’m not sure how long a dwarf can keep his white clothes clean! πŸ˜‰

  2. Very impressive! I look forward to the new clothing from U23. Maybe I can actually start outfitting Dwarves now and not make them look terrible? Haha πŸ˜€

    If only they’d create additional skins, outside of the Lossoth recipes, for the base instruments!

    • thank you! I’d love to change instrument skins 😦 I’m bored of the only ones we have XD I’m happy dwarves get some love clothing wise, though helmets and hats are still the weak point in terms of design imo XD

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