The House of the King

“Mighty was the array of the house of the king.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales Part Two, The Fall of Gondolin0344The House of the King was one of 12 noble houses of Gondolin, serving under the personal command of King Turgon. They wore white, gold and red, and their emblems were the moon, sun and the Scarlet Heart of Finwe Noleme. During the Fall of Gondolin, the King’s House stayed untouched until all the other houses were gathered at the Square of the Palace, for they had remained there during the fighting at the North Gate, their first order to safeguard the king. But after Gothmog the Lord of Balrogs was slain by Ecthelion of the Fountain, they hurled themselves upon the Orcs, and even slew two other Balrogs.19172344They forced one of the terrible Uruloki (fire-drakes) into the Fountain of the King, and it perished, though the water became suddenly malsane. Many of the king’s house were killed by the heat, the serpents, the enemy, and accidentally one another, for the steam that rose from the fountain obscured their view and they hit friend and foe alike. No more is said of this house, but they probably all perished with Turgon.3526I was a bit at a loss as I didn’t know how to represent the symbols of the house of the king. In lotro there are two cloaks, with a sun and a moon, but nothing heart shaped. And I really wanted to put the three symbols together, so I had to interpret the book’s description in a bit of abstract way :p The pvmp chest and leggings used here have a little sun ornament in the front, and the cloak I used with much imagination can resemble a scarlet heart. The moon in the background completed the scenes… I think I like this outfit, even if is far from what I really wanted to portray, but Lotro outfit system does have its limits5663shoulders: Lesser cry of the West shoulderguards, even dim blue dye, barter in Harndirion (Enedwaith)

chest: Ceremonial breastplate of the Resilient Warrior, Lalia market

hands: Lesser Secret of the West gauntlets, evendim blue dye, barter in Harndirion (Enedwaith)

legs: Ceremonial leggings of command, evendim blue dye, Lalia market

feet: Lesser Defender of the West boots, barter in Harndirion (Enedwaith)

back: Ceremonial Cloak of the West-Tower, crimson dye, cosmetic skirmish barter or Annuminas barter for the actual statted cloak

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