The Dáinlik is a point of interest within the Iron Hills. Or recent constructions, many dwarven labourers endeavor to carve this massive, impressive statue from the very rock of the hill where it oversees all of the region as it’s living counterpart Dain Ironfoot did for many years. This woman of the Chayasir, the easterling tribe recently settled in the Fold, is fascinated by it and has planned an excursion to see it up close. and admire the view from its topDressed in brown, her attire betrays little of the fancy, colorful clothing of her people, save for the turban protecting her head fashioned in the eastern style, fastened by a bejewelled circlet. A simple tunic in the fashion of the dwarves provides practicality over vanity, as do the boots and her gauntlets holding her daggers (useful also as punters to heave herself on the most treacherous rock formations). The big backpack on her back holds an extra pickaxe, for who knows there might be a rock formation hiding precious gems or a glittering vein to mine… Not the easiest road, but the panorama is well Worth the trek.Using daggers as punters for spelunking may be a little abstract but… I liked the idea 😛 this is a very down-to-earth outfit, but that’s the challenge, trying to make in interesting with the addition of an exotic touch. Fortunately the beorning shoulders match the blue of the headgear so it doesn’t look too out of place. I forgot how high one can go up the Dainlink, you can really see the whole region and more from up there!

head: Helm of the Osgiliath Shield, umber dye, Dome of stars tier 2

shoulders: Well-used shoulders, umber dye, breorning starter gear

chest: Swift hauberk of the Dwarf Holds, quest reward

hands: Lesser secret of the West gauntlets, umber dye, barter in Harndirion

feet: Nightshade boots, umber dye, Dunland quest reward

back: Dwarf-make prospector pack, umber dye, anniversary reward

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