Steel of the Vales

The Beornings, descendant of old Beorn at the time of the Search for Erebor, keep open the passages of the Ford of Carrock and the High Pass in return for tolls, clearing the paths from Dale to Rivendell from evil creatures such as Orcs and Wargs. While they never cared for money nor things made of metal, preferring to live off what nature can give them, keeping the roads open means getting into a skirmish from time to time. And while a Beorning can resort to their arcane art of shapeshifting into a ferocious bear to fight, a good steel axe and a chainmail shirt can be a welcome luxury compared to leather clothes and wooden bats. So this beorning is kitted out in a heavier attire than usual, to better carry out his patrolling duties for the day I like the new gear from the Vales of Anduin… but why oh why it can’t be dyed! I had in mind a different color scheme, more on the brown hues and different pieces of gear, but because of the cloak and shirt, I had limited options…

shoulders: Shoulderpads from the Old Ford, Vales of Anduin quest reward

chest: Breastplate of the Bear-kin, Vales of Anduin quest reward

hands: Gloves of the Wild Hills, barter from Rowan Raspberry

legs: Leggings of the Erebor Champion, the heavy armour vendor at the skirmish camp

feet: Worn Grimbeorn boots, umber dye, beorning class gear

back: Cloak of Swift Travellers, Black Book of Mordor quest reward

5 thoughts on “Steel of the Vales

  1. Hello, i like this outfit – but the chest piece is without the leggings — Which one did you use in this case, please? And the boots are the worn boots of the beos, or not? You wrote “Shoulders”… Thank you very much!

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