Stout-Axe starter gear preview (beta server)

The new race due to release with the Minas Morgul expansion, the Stout-Axe dwarves, is out for testing on the beta server. I have to say they look fantastic. Better proportioned than regular dwarves, better textures, better animations and they can be burglars! Along all other classes already available to dwarves.Not captains nor wardens, but that makes sense. Stout-axes are fugitives from Mordor, lost people and don’t have somebody who can rally them, nor ward them. They do have nice starter gear though. I used red to show dyeable areas, so far only gloves can’t be dyed but maybe that’ll change in future betas. The name is ” -gear- Of the Khirvisa” and it is obtained it after completing the intro quests.

Light armour

Medium armour

Heavy armour

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