Gondorian Noblewoman

If it seems like you’ve seen this outfit before… it’s because I did post it before XD It’s from last year, however, looking back at it I just wasn’t happy anymore with both concept and screenshots. I first envisioned it for a scholar of the Houses of Lore, but inside it’s so dark it is tricky to get a decent screenshot and the result suffered for it. Aragorn’s throne room has much better lighting and atmosphere with all the banners of the gondorian regions and the garlands, I feel like this getup fits better a noble court than a dark and dusty library.

shoulders: Shoulders of the Lady’s Grace, umber dye, barter in Caras Galadhon, minstrel set

hands: Bracers of the Clever Counselor, barter in Galtrev from Lugdagnir

chest: The Beast Keeper’s robe, barter at the Ox Clan camp in Orthanc

cloak: Nimble Cloak of the Hope of Men, walnut brown dye, reward from the end of Men of Gondor Allegiance

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