Harvestmath festival 2019 rewards preview

Harvestmath is here once again, and there are quite a few novelties this year, starting from these beautiful cosmetics and the even more beautiful cloak. It is not one piece but has two “tails” that make it a one of a kind cloak among cloaks. Red is the default dye, so I used white to show how nicely it dyes, and an almost pure white too! As all the new rewards have been put together in a single window tab, I shall list everything below the pictures

next the mount. The elk returns with an elegant getup to match the clothes

and here’s the full list of rewards

finally, this festival’s dyes rotation

2 thoughts on “Harvestmath festival 2019 rewards preview

  1. These new cosmetics are amazing! I can’t wait to log in and get them, especially that cloak!

    And I’m super excited about the additional Haunted Burrow housing items! Now I can add to my spooky house!

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