The Elven Boater

Inspiration for this outfit came from a very silly thing… the rope and those circle thingies on the chest piece make me thing of a life buoy… it stands out more with the gear dyed in pastel colors. I should use the new gear we got with Minas Morgul, as it’s the start of a new year and I should perhaps step away from my tried and true for a bit, but even if the chest piece here is not really new, I never used it in an outfit before. Initially I envisioned something for a sailor however I already made several sea themed outfits, so something more subdued like a boater going out on a lake was a better fit. Perhaps not many know or remember the Appendix in Lord of the Rings, lake Evendim was initially inhabited by elves before the men of Arnor came; Galadriel and Celeborn themselves used to spend some time here. They must have needed an elven boater to get around Everswim!

chest: Woven waistcoat of Bard’s Will, epic quest reward or barter from the Quartermaster in Dale

hands: Supple Fangorn gloves of Spirit, belegaer blue dye, crafted light armour (tier9)

feet: Threadbare boots of the Dunland Healer, belegaer blue dye, Dunland quest reward

back: Cloak of the Ibis, belegaer blue dye, lotro store

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