Little Red Riding Hobbit

I am very glad that the seasonal barter has been updated even though Rowan is still there (jealous of her colleague maybe) and I like most of the things Myrtile has to offer, which means my figment savings have been depleted. The elegant riding outfit seems out of place in Middle Earth for it’s rather modern appearance… anywhere but in the Shire. It definitely fits the “old english countryside” vibe that the Professor evisioned for hobbits. So, this outfit is for them. Now, while I like the design of the Elegant Riding set, I have a big gripe with the boots. They clip with every.single.pair of leggings I tried. A real shame because the boots have a very simple look and could be paired with many pants if it wasn’t for the fact that said pants peek through them horribly. So I had to go for the matching leggings, which don’t clip because they actually warp the lower body skeleton of the character (you can see it in the way my hobbit’s legs are bent across the saddle, in the screenshot below). All in all though, I like the final result. No, there is no hood, sorry but the big plumed hat was speaking my name instead. Another thing I really like is the scarf. If dyed the same color as a cloak’s clasps it looks like the cloak has ben tied around the neck and it hides the clasps themselves

head: Plumed hat, red dye, reward from the introductory quests (named Brimmed hat as a world drop)

shoulders: Scrap-Reinforced Pauldrons of the Khirvisa, red dye, Stout-Axe starter gear for light classes

chest: Dwarf make Campaigner armourcrimson dye, crafted tailor recipe

hands: Elegant Riding gloves, barter from Myrtile Mint (figments of splendor)

legs: Elegant Riding leggings, barter from Myrtile Mint (figments of splendor)

feet: Elegant Riding boots, barter from Myrtile Mint (figments of splendor)

back: Cloak of Naire, red dye, spring festival reward

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