Spring Woods

I had plans on making a softer, more festive outfit with the new dress from the festival (and I might stil do it) but as often happens, plans go in the opposite direction than what one had imagined. So it did with this, it turned into a traveling/light armor getup. Playing around with dyes, I found out that the tunic became this very pale shade of green with…. white. I had to find something to go with this very unique color scheme, and again unexpectedly the rest of the items took on the same color with Lorien gold. Which again looks more like a pale green than a gold in this particular case. I’m also very glad that the Elegant riding boots, which clipped with almost all the leggings in my collection on most of my characters fit the tunic nicely. Add a matching shield and my character is ready to welcome the new season… one Shield Bash at a time!

head: Mask of the Golden Forest Defender, lorien gold dye, barter from the Curator

shoulders: Mantle of the Spring Woods, spring festival reward

chest: Braided tunic and trousers of the Spring Woods, white dye, spring festival reward

hands: Gloves of Lost Memory, lorien gold dye, quest reward in evendim for loremaster

feet: Elegant Riding boots, lorien gold dye, barter for figments of splendor

back: Ice Flower cloak, lorien gold dye, yule festival reward

shield: Strong Skirmish Shield of the Rider, crafted

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