Vanyarin spearman

The Vanya were the smallest of the original elven clans, all of them followed Orome to Valinor, revelling in living near the Valar at the foot of Taniquetil and no pure blooded Vanya was ever seen again in Middle Earth until the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age, in which they joined the Host of the West and no pure blooded Vanya decided to stay after.
In the War of Wrath they held white banners and it is said they preferred spears instead of swords and bows (from “The Lost Road and Other Writings”; Qunta Silmarillion), In an early version of the Legendarium, they are also called the “Spear-elves” so that’s the vibe I went for in this outfit. Their most prominent characteristic is their blond hair, which is why I decided against a helmet in favor of showing them beautiful golden locks… as to which shade of gold well, I actually picture them wearing more “delicate” shades of the color rather than blinding-bright plate armour so shire peach worked great for the look I wanted

head: Reclaimed Circlet of the Diplomat, crimson dye, Erebor quest reward

shoulders: Autumn Leafmail shoulders, burgundy dye, harvest math festival reward

chest: Defender’s chest plate of the Rising Moon, shire peach dye, crafted, heavy armor (recipe barter from Minas Morgul vendor)

hands: Brilliant Forest defender’s gloves, crimson dye, barter from the Curator npc

feet: Thick Sabayons of the Towers, barter for Motes at any Allegiance vendor

back: Hoodless Cloak of the Guiding Direction, barter for Ithilien phials at the Henneth Annun vendor

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